79+ Amazing Coastal Living Room Decor Ideas

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Coastal living rooms can be reached by playing the colors of the sky, sea and sand to make a dreamy coastal motif. Having a whitewashed color scheme to get a room full of space and light) White or neutral-toned wall panelling produces a good beach-hut vibe — coordinate using sand-coloured sisal flooring or carpeting. Team that decor with white linen furnishings and a wicker torso -style coffee table. Insert a seascape canvas on the wall and accessorise with beach decorations like seashells, coral and beach pebbles.

Driftwood is that a superb substance to put in a sense of relaxed coastal appeal. Pick furniture made out of driftwood like a coffee table or open shelving. Position a sailing vessel in your mantelpiece, organize pebbles and wood in a corner of this room for relaxed coastal chic.

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